Visualizing what success looks like is key to any talent management activities.

We deliver pragmatic, sustainable and investment sensitive solutions to organizations’ mission-critical issues. Our approach combines diagnostics, customization and knowledge transfer. Our aim is to make companies stronger by enabling you to streamline processes, identify and build leadership capabilities and align employees across the organization to its culture and strategic goals.

Talent Optimization Wheel

CATIL® Solutions

CATIL® talent management suite gives HR Executives and managers the information they need to make fast, accurate and consistent people decisions at all levels of an organisation. Backed by rigorous, scientific systems and supported by a global network of talent and recruitment specialists, organisations using CATIL® soon start to realise a competitive edge in their talent attraction, recruitment, development and retention strategies.

CATIL Recruitment Suite: enabled by CATIL Interview eGuide, CATIL Interviewing Techniques Workshop, and the CATIL Competency Model.

CATIL Leadership Development Suite: enabled by CATIL 360Feedback, CATIL Communication & Coaching Workshop, CATIL Competency Model, and CATIL Values Model.

CATIL Organization Review Suite: enabled by CATIL Talent Review and Strategic Workshops.

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The Predictive Index®

The Predictive Index is a proven methodology of workforce assessments that can be applied throughout the entire employee lifecycle. It’s a diagnostic and provides guided actions.

PI Strategy Assessment allows to determine team’s agreement and alignment on a strategy, as well as the natural drives of the team to executing the strategy.

PI Behavioral Assessmentis a theory-based, self-report measurement of normal, adult motivational needs which predicts behaviors. This psychometric tool has been developed and validated exclusively for use within occupational and organizational populations.

PI Job Assessment gives you a benchmark for the various positions in your company, highlighting critical success factors leading to superior performance in a job.

PI Cognitive Assessment measures the ability to learn and grasp new concepts, to solve new problems and to adapt to complex environments.

The Selling Skills Assessment Tool is a 25-item instrument designed to assess sales professionals’ consultative and customer-focused selling skills.

PI Employee Engagement Survey allows managers to easily gauge employees on their work experience, confidentially.


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Training & Consultancies

Our approach combines diagnostics, customization and knowledge transfer. Our wide portfolio of workshops and skills training supports companies in streamlining their processes and building synergy. From strategic workshops to more technical expertise, we support HR and Executives in professionalizing talent management processes and focusing on the right strategies for a competitive advantage.

Transformation program: set direction, align leaders and define a roadmap to lead the change. Identify the capabilities for the future and assess the organization to link people – strategy – culture.

Team performance: understand team dynamics and work on team development for sustainable high-performance.

Improve HR Management processes: professionalize your talent acquisition, development and people’s review with the right tools and skills.

Executive coaching: give support to your leaders and set them up for success.

Diverse training & academies: build your own soft-skills program from emotional intelligence, management and leadership, to influencing skills and complex negotiations.

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