Talented people are not talented only because
of their skills.

Performance is a result of fixed attributes, know-how, knowledge and experiences.

To assess and predict one’s performance and potential, we measure the Motivational Drives (PI Behavioral Assessment™)*, the Learning Ability  (PI Cognitive Assessment™)*, competencies and values (CATIL®).
Cognitive abilities, drives and values are hard to detect and evolve with time — this is why we measure them through scientifically-validated processes and tools.

*AK+Partners is the Senior Associate of Predictive Advantage SA who is a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index®. The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of The Predictive Index, LLC and is used on this website with permission.



With our Six Dimensions Talent Framework, we help you to narrow down the opportunity or issue to focus on what counts, saving time and increasing the professionalism of your activities.

Our reputation was built on successful projects which:

  • Address turnover
  • Manage reorganization
  • Boost team dynamics
  • Bring objectivity in promotion
  • Identify readiness and potential
  • Support people and companies growth and development


Today more than half of employees undergo assessments, but they are effective only if structured with appropriate tools. Increase your validity in assessment by 70% adding reliable psychometrics and competency-based interviewing. 80% of turnover is due to a bad hiring decision – you can address this with our solutions.

The Predictive Index® and CATIL® Interview Guide can be integrated to your Applicant Tracking System and are tablet and mobile friendly.

Our Approach

  • Strengthen partnerships with HR and Line Managers
  • Professionalize interview practices
  • Enhance Candidate experience
  • Increase objectivity, fairness and compliance
  • Support Diversity and Inclusion


We have over 30 years of experience in best practices and a strong product portfolio that enable you to assess and develop your candidates and employees in a customized, fast and flexible way. We aim to add value to support you in your most demanding ambitions over the long term.

Our Differentiation

We are responsive and flexible.

No solution is a ‘one size fits all’ model

We think strategically.

We provide advisory services to HR and executives for the deployment of strategic projects

We think globally and act locally.

We provide Global key account management

Our Track Record.

Service level and track record

Our Commitment.

We are consistent in our delivery on operational and strategic projects, ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Talent Assessment
Leadership Development
Strategic Development

We bring a broad range of relevant expertise, knowledge and understanding that enable us to attain your needs and objectives. We work with you to create a bespoke solution that fits your company, aligning business, people and culture for sustainable performance.

The Predictive Index®

AK+Partners is the Senior Associate of Predictive Advantage, who is PI Certified Partner. (Predictive Advantage).

PI Behavioral Assessment™
& Job Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ (PI BA) is a self-reported measurement of normal, adult motivational needs which predicts behaviors through 4 dimensions. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete and generates different types of reports to understand people and nourish development reflection.

You can understand your people’s drive, predict their behaviors and performance at work, how they communicate, solve problems and make decisions. You can learn how to motivate your colleagues, how to manage changes, and learn how they solve problems—and many other features. With the PI Group Analytics you get a quick view of your team and can facilitate stimulating discussion to boost team performance.

With the Job Assessment (PI JA), you set a benchmark for the position and candidate PI fit-gap. This is valid for recruitment as much as for succession planning or internal mobility. For advanced recruiters we have a complementary online interview guide (CATIL® eGuide).

PI Cognitive Assessment™

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ (PI CA) measures general cognitive aptitude and is the best predictor to learning ability, adaptability and trainability. It provides you an individual’s on-the-job performance in a future position and takes 12 minutes to complete

The general cognitive ability is an expression of the ability to handle complexity*. It affects:

  • How fast learning will take place
  • The degree of ’return’ from instruction and experience
  • Processing new information
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptation to changing environment
  • Discernment based on complex information

*Research indicates that the relation between complexity in the job and PI CA  score is exponential. This means that with a high level of job complexity the PI CA  score is even more important. This is why it is important to consider the PI CA score as a key element in the evaluation of the suitability of a candidate for complex jobs.
Source: Hunter (1983); Hun-ter & Hunter (1984); Smith & Hunter (1998).

CATIL® Solutions

CATIL® Interview eGuide

Psychometric (PI BA) and cognitive tests (PI CA) combined with structured interviews ensure a stronger validity of candidate’s evaluation, and boost candidate experience. Our software provides hiring managers with a simple and cost-effective interviewing methodology that allows them to explore candidate’s capabilities in-depth.

  • Quickly identifies the behavioral competencies required for superior job performance in any given role.
  • Automatically generates a selection of targeted behavioral questions to evaluate a candidate’s capacity to meet that job’s demands, including PI fit gap.
  • CATIL’s questioning template with positive & negative indicators.
  • Provides interviewers with an assessment matrix to record, calibrate and report on candidates interviews. Web-based and available in 17 languages.

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CATIL® 360Feedback

Unlike traditional 360, the CATIL® 360Feedback offers flexibility and speed to gather feedback at all levels of the organization.

  • Choose the most relevant competencies
  • Assess people positions and team
  • Customize your report online
  • Integrated in CATIL® Coaching & Emotional Intelligence workshop

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CATIL® Leadership Profiling and Talent Pooling

The multi-rater online process of the the CATIL® Leadership Profiling and Talent Pooling enables you to efficiently define the Best-in-Class job profiles and measure your Talent Pool against an objective set of criteria.

  • Select the most determinant success factors for each position of your organization.
  • Assess your Talents against the retained criteria and gain an objective and complete view of your Talent Pool and Leadership Pipeline.
  • Target development initiatives for each individual and plan organization development spending resources where there is a maximum impact for the business.

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