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Affentranger Kveton + Partners Sàrl (AK+Partners) is a Swiss-based, internationally-active management consultancy firm specializing in Management & Organization Development. Founded in 1984, our expertise and strong product portfolio have consistently enabled companies to succeed in enhancing performance—creating a lasting advantage.

AK+Partners owns CATIL® Solutions and is the Certified Predictive Index Partner for the PI Behavioral Assessment® and the PI Cognitive Assessment (Learning Indicator) in Switzerland.

Pragmatic, Sustainable Services & Solutions

We work with our clients to shape their organizational strategies, build the right talent capabilities, enhance leadership bench-strength, align people to their culture and create best-in-class human resources management.

Success is attained through harnessing industry best practices, leveraging our global professional network and deploying a diagnostic-based talent framework to guide organizations and their people decisions with objectivity and scientific insight.

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Some of our esteemed clients include: